Avoid coming down with the flu after your upward dog

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If you are a yogi, you may have spent the past few months feeling conflicted - your yoga YouTube videos are a fine substitution, but you miss the full studio experience. If you feel ready to take your practice back to the studio, or reopen your studio, there are ways to minimize your risk of picking up germs from your chaturanga.

Studios all over the country are beginning to reopen their doors, but everyone seems eager to roll out new safety measures alongside their mats. CorePower Yoga, one of the US's most popular yoga studio chains, recently released its "Safe Studio Standards" to assure yogis that there are precautions in place in each and every studio.

Some of their Standards are:

  • Limiting the number of spaces in each class with online reservations
  • Reducing time in the studio before and after class
  • "Mat markers" to practice physical distancing
  • Temperature checks, mask requirements, and frequent hand sanitation that is fast drying and won’t leave a residue. Try Yoga Matguard’s Spray
  • Contact-less teaching (pose adjustments made verbally)
The exact policies vary from studio to studio, but one thing's certain: whether you bring your own mat or use one from the studio, disinfecting it is key to reducing the spread of any type of illness. Weights, blocks, mats, and any other yoga accessories should be wiped down regularly, especially at the start and end of every class. You can count on Yoga Matguard's disinfectant wipes to get rid of germs in a way that's effective and safe on your skin, so that you can bow to "stay" healthy in the studio.

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