Guidelines for Skin Infection Outbreaks in Contact Sports

Guidelines for Skin Infection Outbreaks in Contact Sports

Case definition: Probable case: A case of skin infection in a contact sports team diagnosed by a healthcare provider

Confirmed case: A probable case that is laboratory confirmed

Outbreak Definition: Two or more cases of the same skin infection in a contact sports team within an 8 day period

Prior to Having an Outbreak:

1) School administrators should assist in preventing skin infections in sports teams by providing:

 Warm water, soap, and paper towels in locker rooms and bathrooms

 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered disinfectants  Training and education for staff, coaches and athletes 2) All athletes should:

 Maintain a good personal hygiene and shower immediately with an antimicrobial soap and water after every competition and practice.

 Wash all soiled clothing after each practice and disinfect personal gear (knee pads, braces, etc.) daily as per manufacturer’s recommendations

 Not share towels, athletic gear or personal hygiene products (razors, clippers) or water bottles with others

 Refrain from full body cosmetic shaving (Chest, Arms, and/or Abdomen)

 Avoid using whirlpools and common tubs if they have open wounds, scrapes, or scratches

 Notify an athletic trainer, coach, parent or guardian if they have any skin lesions, cuts or abrasions prior to any competition or practice

 Cover acute, uninfected wounds, such as abrasions or lacerations with a semiocclusive or occlusive dressing until healing is complete