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How do you fight an INVISIBLE ENEMY? This foe isn’t one you’d want to wrestle with, so you’ve got to beat it before it hits! MRSA, as well as a broad spectrum of skin infections put your health and all your hardwork on the line. Wrestlers in particular, are at high risk of exposure to infected persons and contaminated objects. All it takes is physical contact. Simply put, you can be caught unaware, and the culprit can be anywhere! We at Matguard USA are ON YOUR TEAM in the fight against skin infections, and we’d love for you to know how to protect yourself so you can stay on top of your game. Start by being informed through the comprehensive article below.


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The Sport of Wrestling faces many challenges and with each one its community has responded in a positive way. In the late 1990’s, three fatalities prompted necessary changes in weight cutting. In many ways this improved the sport and the training programs of our wrestlers. Identification and management of infectious skin diseases have always been an issue, but we are now facing a more insidious outbreak of infections that could mean the loss of life and limb. The Center of Disease Control has issued a warning about a “cluster” of Staphylococcus aureus bacteria that is resistant to many of the more common oral antibiotics. We have clinical identification of this bacteria in wrestlers in IN, football players in FL, CA, CO and WI. Most have resulted in significant loss of competition, hospitalization and surgical skin grafting. Additional information about the Warning at or at (“Am I Disqualified” DVD)

As result of this new challenge, it is critical that every parent, coach and physician that works with the sport of wrestling must be aware of what to look for and the appropriate action to take. There are basically three types of skin infections that plague this sport:


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