Outsmart the superbug where it lives with MATGUARD®. Our patented 70% ISOPROPANOL solution safely, conveniently and effectively kills antibiotic-resistant MRSA.

What is MRSA?

Staphylococcus aureus, commonly known as "staph," is a type of bacteria ordinarily found on the skin or in the noses of healthy people. Known as a superbug because it is resistant to antibiotics, MRSA is a potentially deadly strain of Staph that can easily spread through casual contact.

MRSA is on the rise

Cases of MRSA are rising and making their way into the sports community.

In 2005 MRSA accounted for more deaths in the U.S. than AIDS, totaling 18,650 as well as causing 94,000 life-threatening infections as reported by CDC researchers in The Journal of the American Medical Association.

Who Is At Risk?

Unless you live in a bubble, you are at risk of contracting MRSA.

Athletes are especially at risk of contracting MRSA because in most cases it spreads from direct contact with infected individuals. Even though little physical contact occurs in some sports during participation, activities before or after participation such as in the locker room can lead to infection.

How do I protect myself from getting MRSA and other skin infections?

MATGUARD® promotes protection through prevention

Adopt a policy of safety through prevention with MATGUARD®. Stop season-ending outbreaks before they start with the only 70% ISOPROPANOL solution on the market.

Practice good personal hygiene. Apply MATGUARD® to the hands, body and face before and after every match, practice and game.

Supply the away team with a wipe or spray from our line of antiseptics. Responsibility starts with MATGUARD®.

As part of your MRSA safety regimen cover wounds with clean bandages, avoid sharing personal items such as washcloths and razors, wash your uniform after every use and consistently sanitize your hands. You should contact a doctor if an infection develops.

Control your environment with the MATGUARD® line of disinfectants. Wipe down all surfaces including mats, gym equipment, benches, showers, door knobs, light switches, pads and training tables.