How to Clean a Hockey Helmet

How to Clean a Hockey Helmet

Hey there, hockey fam! If you’re like me, and I bet you are if you’ve stumbled upon this post, you’ve got a passion for the game and a helmet that has seen better days. But no worries! I’m here, straight from the laid-back corners of MatGuard USA, to guide you on how to clean a hockey helmet – the right way.

Why Even Bother Cleaning?

Close-up of a freshly cleaned hockey helmet, shining after following the MatGuard USA guide on how to clean a hockey helmet.

Look, I get it. After a solid game or intense practice, the last thing you wanna do is play cleaning crew. But here's the thing...

Safety First

Your helmet, despite those battle scars and scratches, is there to protect that beautiful brain of yours. Dirt and sweat can weaken the material over time. I once had a buddy who rarely cleaned his helmet, and guess what? It cracked way sooner than expected. Don’t be like my buddy.

Hygiene's the Game

Ever caught a whiff of something funky during a face-off? Yep, it could be that sweaty helmet. Plus, skin irritations and breakouts? No thanks. A clean helmet is a fresh start, every time.

Looking Fresh

There’s something about stepping onto the ice looking sharp. A clean helmet? That’s some confidence right there.

Tools of the Trade

Before diving into how to clean a hockey helmet, let's gear up. Here's what you'll need:

The Step-by-Step Guide on How to Clean a Hockey Helmet

Ready to get that helmet shining? Let's roll!

Step 1: Remove the Cage or Visor

Detailed view of a hockey helmet's cage and visor, detached and ready for cleaning as recommended in the MatGuard USA guide

Trust me on this one. Once during a lazy clean-up, I skipped this step. Result? Streaky visor. Learn from my mistakes. Also, pro-tip: snap a quick pic of the screws to make putting it back together a breeze.

Step 2: Get your Disinfectant Wipes or Clothes 

Pack of disinfectant wipes, an essential tool recommended by MatGuard USA for ensuring your hockey helmet is germ-free

Get your disinfectant wipes from Matguard USA ready. First, wipe off the helmet with a paper towel or cloth.

Step 3: Apply Cleaning Solution

Use the Matguard disinfectant spray or put a dab of your cleaning solution onto the cloth or sponge. 

Step 4: Gentle Scrubbing

Using disinfectant spray and a paper towel or cloth, scrub the helmet, inside and out. No need for intense elbow grease – we're cleaning, not trying to start a fire! Focus on those high-sweat zones like chin straps and liners.

Step 5: Wipe and Rinse

With a clean damp cloth, wipe off the solution. Like rinsing soap off dishes. Except, you know, it's a helmet.

Step 6: Disinfecting Time

Grab those disinfecting wipes and give your helmet a once-over. This step is like the unsung hero in an epic movie. You might overlook it, but it’s saving the day by killing bacteria.

Step 7: Air Dry

Let that helmet breathe! But avoid direct sunlight. I once left my helmet out in the sun, and it faded like an old pair of jeans. Lesson learned.

Maintenance Between Deep Cleans

I know, I know. Life’s busy. But a quick wipe-down after practice can save you a bigger mess later. And if you’re on the go? Our MatGuard helmet sprays are a game-changer. Think of them as the Febreze for your hockey life.

How Often Should You Deep Clean?

Personally? I go for a thorough cleaning once a month. But if you’re hitting the ice hard and often, consider upping that.

The Big No-Nos in Helmet Cleaning

Alright, champs, let’s chat about what NOT to do when figuring out how to clean a hockey helmet:

  • Over-soaking: Remember, damp is cool; dripping is not.
  • Harsh chemicals: These can eat away at your helmet's material. We want to clean, not corrode.
  • Damp storage: Don't leave it in a moist environment (like my old gym bag that once grew its own ecosystem). Mold and mildew are not your friends.

So there you have it – the ins, outs, dos, and don'ts on how to clean a hockey helmet. Protecting your noggin goes beyond just wearing a helmet; it’s about taking care of it too. Stay fresh, stay safe, and remember, your buddies at MatGuard USA have always got your back (or, well, head). Peace out!

Don't Forget Skin Protection too!

Hockey player skin safety goes beyond just avoiding checks and staying clear of puck impacts. The grueling nature of the sport means players are frequently exposed to sweat, dirt, and potential bacterial hazards, both on the ice and in the locker room. To combat these risks, many athletes have turned to MatGuard's antibacterial body wipes. These wipes are specially formulated to ensure players can quickly and efficiently eliminate germs, helping them maintain not just a competitive edge, but also a healthy and clean skin environment off the ice.