Hockey Gear Cleaning 2023: How to Get Rid of The Odor

Hockey Gear Cleaning 2023: How to Get Rid of The Odor

Introduction: The Battle with Hockey Gear Odor

The stench from sweaty hockey gear is a familiar foe for most players. Fortunately, we have the perfect plan to eliminate that dreaded hockey gear odor. With the right products and techniques, your equipment can smell fresh game after game. 

Why Does Hockey Gear Smell So Bad?

Every time you hit the ice, your body sweats. That moisture sinks into your pads, gloves, and other equipment. Over time, this moisture fosters bacteria growth, leading to that notorious hockey gear odor. The key is not just cleaning, but using a top-notch hockey gear disinfectant. 

Tackling The Gloves: How to Get Smell Out of Hockey Gloves

Freshly cleaned hockey gloves after using hockey gear cleaner to combat hockey gear odor.

Gloves are often the worst culprits. Wondering how to get smell out of hockey gloves? Follow these steps:

By regularly following the above, you'll effectively combat the odor.

Gear Deep Clean: How to Clean Your Hockey Gear

Shiny hockey pads post-treatment with Matguard’s hockey gear disinfectant for lasting freshness.

For a comprehensive cleanse, you can't overlook any piece:

  • Shin Guards and Elbow Pads: These can accumulate a lot of sweat. After each game, spray them with a hockey gear cleaner and let them air dry.
  • Helmet and Chest Protector: Wipe these down with Matguards Helmet & Pad Wipes, a hockey gear disinfectant. Ensure they dry completely before your next game.
  • Skates: Remove the insoles and air them out separately. Wipe the insides with Matguard’s disinfectant wipes to fight the hockey gear odor.

Always remember, that drying is crucial. After cleaning, always air-dry your gear in a well-ventilated area.

Using the Right Products: Matguard's Hockey Gear Disinfectant

A primary factor in successfully eliminating odor is using a potent hockey gear disinfectant. Matguard’s disinfectant products stand out as the go-to solution. Not only do they tackle the nasty hockey gear odor, but they also ensure your equipment remains bacteria-free.

Regular Maintenance: Keeping the Odor at Bay

Consistency is vital. By establishing a routine:

  • Post-Game: Always air out your gear. This simple step can significantly reduce moisture and, in turn, odor.
  • Weekly: Give your gear a thorough wipe-down using Matguard’s Helmet & Pad Wipes, a hockey gear cleaner.
  • Monthly: Undertake a deep clean. Dive into all your equipment, using the hockey gear disinfectant to guarantee cleanliness.

Skin Cleanliness: An Essential Step to Combat Odor

Not only does clean gear play a role in keeping odors at bay, but a player's skin cleanliness is pivotal too. Sweat and bacteria on the skin can transfer to gear, amplifying that notorious stench. To ensure players stay fresh and clean, consider using products like Antibacterial Wipes for Body, Matguard Body Foam Cartridges, and Matguard Body Spray Cartridges. These products not only cleanse the skin but also provide a barrier against bacteria, thus aiding in the fight against hockey gear odor. By prioritizing both skin and gear cleanliness, players can confidently tackle odor head-on.

By sticking to this plan, you'll maintain fresh-smelling gear all season.


Fresh Gear Awaits!

The "hockey gear odor" battle is one you can win. Armed with knowledge and the right hockey gear cleaner, you can keep your equipment smelling fresh. Remember, it's not just about cleaning; it's about using the right disinfectant. With Matguard’s disinfectant products in your arsenal, you're set for success.

No longer will you wonder how to get smell out of hockey gloves or how to clean your hockey gear. Follow the advice, embrace the routine, and hit the ice with confidence. Here's to fresh gear and great games!