Gym Cleaning and Disinfection: The Best Ways to Do It

Gym Cleaning and Disinfection: The Best Ways to Do It

Understand and implement the best cleaning practices if you're a gym owner or manager. In addition to slowing the spread of COVID-19, this will also prevent a number of other infections, such as the common cold, the flu, and staph skin infections. At Matguard, we recommend the following products to keep your gym clean:

Cleanliness is shaped by policies

An organized gym with policies is one that keeps clients happy and safe. In order to run classes safely and on time, you use schedules and training to ensure employees are in place to assist clients. Cleaning and hygiene policies are also necessary. Using the same strategies, make cleanliness a priority:

Employees should be trained.

The first step in requiring workers to clean and disinfect regularly is to show them how to do so. Make sure everyone knows how to clean the gym and everything in it safely and effectively through a mandatory staff training session.

Organize your cleaning schedule.

Unless you specify, it is impossible for employees to maintain a regular cleaning schedule. Regularly clean fitness equipment, gym floors, locker rooms, and bathrooms, along with all other surfaces in the gym. Keep a schedule that everyone can easily access and assign staff to each task.

Log your cleaning activities.

For gym areas that are regularly cleaned, a cleaning log should be visible. Use wipe boards with dates, times, and tasks. Every time an employee completes an assigned cleaning task, they should initial the appropriate part of the log.

Organize inventory and ordering. To ensure you never run out of cleaners and cleaning equipment, keep regular and updated orders.

You may want to consider hiring a professional.

Larger gyms can benefit from having a regular and dedicated cleaning staff. Clean the facilities regularly and to your specifications, whether they work for you or a cleaning service.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

All elements of the gym can be cleaned and sanitized in the right and wrong ways. If you are not relying on a professional gym cleaning service, know the steps to take to protect yourself and to clean effectively:

  • Be sure to fully wash your hands before cleaning. Wash your hands in warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds.
  • Put on personal protection gear. Use disposable gloves as a bare minimum when cleaning, but depending on the circumstance, also take eye protection and masks into consideration.
  • When using a disinfecting wipe, always wipe in the same direction. Let the surface air dry. 
  • Spray cleansers should be left on surfaces for the prescribed amount of time before being removed with a cloth.
  • When using spray cleaners, allow them to remain on the surface for the appropriate period of time before wiping. A recommended spray cleaner is MATGUARD® Surface Spray (70 % Alcohol) Cleaner RTU- 32oz.